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New Prescription Service Overview

Health Med Assist is a patient advocate service specializing in processing and tracking patient applications to pharmaceutical companies for the purpose of establishing medication assistance eligibility.

Patients who are financially eligible to receive medication through pharmaceutical company sponsored programs pay a nominal paperwork fee for this service. This fee replaces the cost of medication approved by the pharmaceutical companies.

Forms sent to your office will be completely filled out except for your original signature.

When signed, the forms only need to be placed into the pre-addressed envelope and sent out with your regular mail. Health Med Assist will track these forms and subsequent re-applications.

Medication for your patient should arrive at your office in approximately four to six weeks. Office staff will need to contact the patient about picking up the medication.

Patients are responsible for notifying Health Med Assist, Inc. when they receive medication.

Subsequent requests for medication will be sent to your office at the appropriate time.

Who is behind the program?

As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I have had years of experience working with primary care providers to assist in determining the most safe and cost effective pharmaceutical management of their patients. It is in this similar capacity that I hope to work with patients in your practice.

I received my Pharmacy Doctorate degree from the University of Michigan before relocating to Utah to complete a Geriatric Specialty Residency in conjunction with the Veterans Administration Medical Center and the University of Utah. I also received a Certificate of Gerontology from the University of Utah.

Christine Vasquez Allen, Pharm.D.
Clinical Supervisor, VP

Physician's Frequent Questions | Request Additional Information